GVOS: The Smart Mobility and Decentralized Location Services Platform made by Stentor Technology

Stentor Technology Makes Transporation Smarter

What can Stentor's GVOS Plaform offer?

Distributed and Cloud Storage

The demand for the enterprise and consumer storage is huge, also, the cost is skyrocketing. GVOS offers cutting edge technologies that drastically reduce the costs whereas increases performance at the same time, securely.

Digital Assets Marketplace

GVOS provides a decentralized marketplace for people to create, share, and trade their digital assets via its hybrid onchain transaction - offchain storage solution. All the transactions are governed and executed automatically by smart contracts.

Vehicle and Fleet Management

GVOS platform enables vehicle owners to track vehicles at real time via streaming sensor data; GVOS empowers businesses to manage their fleets using streaming telematics and GPS data; owners can make better decisions using BI dashboard.

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